This section contains information no longer valid or applicable and is presented here for contextual and archival purposes.

SMT Blue (SMT being short for Supermegatopia, not Shin Megami Tensei) is a freestyle/prose role playing game that utilizes an ASCII-based Telnet client to connect to a hosting server where people can create and play as characters both canon and original in a setting heavily inspired by the Supermegatopia comics. The theme follows the Superhero/Villain genre in a technologically advanced modern reality where Heroes, Villains, and Bystanders can all meet and interact in a friendly, yet mature, atmosphere.

SMT Blue is a mature game where players wishing to connect and join must be of adult age. As the comics contain humor and situations of a sexual nature so then does its game. The game contains players of open-mind as many potential subjects of a mature nature can be encountered. All are welcome to join, however, as there are no obligations to consent to any undesired activity or In-Character (IC) conflicts; many players may prefer to merely be social while on the Grid, within the confines of the area designated as being IC where one must act and react according to their chosen avatar/character/persona.

In order to connect to SMT Blue one must possess a Telnet client (i.e. SimpleMU, Mushclient) and then connect to aimed at port 7000. The welcome screen appears once connected prompting one to connect as a registered player or as a guest. Registering is easy once connected with the command @request and currently online staff may be able to help otherwise.

SMT Blue Welcome Screen, as seen on SimpleMU with a custom color scheme.