bruteforce.gifReal Name: Debbie Ann Force
Occupation: Bank Teller
Base of Operations: Supermegatopia
Marital Status: Married to Brute Force
Debbie went to high school with Bertram. She was a cheerleader for the rugby and hockey teams - partly because of her sunny disposition and partly for the cheap thrill she gets watching people beat each other up for no real reason. It was at their prom that they first really met. She was sitting back in the corner dateless, and Bertram was in the center of the dance floor mopping it with the face of the guy that called him Bertie! Across the dance hall their eyes met as the teachers tried to break up the fight (and a fairly one-sided fight at that, twelve guys against Brute... they were losing). Dragging two guys along, Bertram went over to Debbie and asked her out. Later they went on to do after-prom type stuff and were married the following spring. And they've been together ever since. See kids, even villains can fall in love!