continuitypolice.gifOccupation: Maintain-Observe- Protect the Continuum
Left to Right: Sgt. Rutger Abrams, Agent Abrams, Agent Nesbit, and Agent Xavier
Base of Operations: The Edge of Reality

The Continuum was in a state of constant flux. The wall separating realities had started crumbling as one reality started blending with another. Everything from the color of one's toothbrush to whether or not one was really a mutant ninja or just an accountant was subject to random change. While the general populous could not detect these changes, a select few could. A latent mutant ability to have a firmer grasp upon reality allowed them to sense and see changes in progress, which they might have ignored and tried to live with, if things hadn't started to get really weird.


Sgt. Rutger Abrams was one such man. A founder of the CP, he came home one day to find the genders of each of his family members switched, which might not have been too tragic, if not for the fact that he wasn't too pleased with his new spouse 'Frank'. Using the technology of the era, he set forth and collected others like himself, including another Abrams from an alternate reality. Since then, they have traveled through Time and Space rerouting all its 'crossed wires', from finding time travelers - and beating the hell out of them for littering - to keeping the wrong people out of other's dimensions. Case in point: the Dark Weasel Boy, or keeping people out of the 'Horn Dog and Slut Puppy World: A great place to visit, if you don't mind nonstop sex!'.

Agent Abrams (Rachel) is Sgt. Abrams' right hand man, err, woman. Perhaps because they think and act so much alike. Perhaps because they're the same person. They originally met when Rutger was trying to figure out what happened to his family. Rachel was working on the same thing (apparently not content with her new wife Francine). The two immediately realized that if this could happen to them, then it was probably happening to others as well. Needing power and equipment, the two turned to the best source of it in the 23rd Century - Supermegatopia Labs.

Agent Nesbit, formerly of Supermegatopia Labs, is the brains behind the outfit, designing and manufacturing their traveling devices as well as the technology to pinpoint cracks and fissures in reality. He has even been able to design their facility, which rests in a nexus of worlds, never quite touching any, but still able to keep an eye on them. It has often been said that he helped create the CP as penance for a past Nesbit who 'accidentally' destroyed Supermegatopia over two centuries before.

Although if there's anyone truly working for penance it's this man: Agent Xavier was given the choice: join the CP or be erased from existence like King Kong vs. Godzilla 2,3, and 4. This is because he caused the greatest damage to the Fabric of Reality ever! Xavier's reality started branching out of control with vital areas getting changed more radically than any other universe. It would splinter and start infecting other worlds and timelines. Even within his world, the continuity would be altered in astonishing and uncanny ways. With past actions changing, entire futures crumbled and fell. And he was at the center of it all. Countless generations could have been lost if drastic action was not taken. So they plucked him out, and put him in a Reality Containment Suit. Only the Abrams have ever seen his face. The rumors abound. Some say he's a hairless monkey, with strange mental powers, or even weirder still, a flying monkey with a big red butt. But these are only rumors. The truth may well be even more unbelievable!