captainmayflypanel.gifReal Names: Too many to be counted.
But the three most common are Maszzz, Zzuurzs and Alphonse
Occupation: Heroic Legacy in Action
Base of Operations: Supermegatopia
Marital Status: No time to marry; just do the deed!
No one knows when it was started or how many have come and gone, but never have their efforts gone unnoticed. Okay, maybe a couple times, but theyre small and hard to see. And while the vast majority of them have perished, very few were ever at the hands of evil. Each of them was a tiny powerhouse who protected the city in little and not so little ways. Whether it's fighting full-sized villains or stopping minor accidents before they happen, the Captain Mayflies are a proud tradition vastly overshadowing the meager three generations in the Vayne family.

Recently, (although it's becoming more distant with each passing day) Captain Mayfly was decorated by Mayor Dave for his unique approach in stopping Konniption Kitty from detonating a bus full of sick orphans by flying up her nose. And while it's thought he was on a suicide mission (it's how many heroes would want to go, although not in her nose), he did in fact survive. But he was so traumatized that he retired by four that same afternoon. Still, horrifying nasal instances aside the Captains Mayfly continue on, in fact, by the time you've finished reading this odds are another one is just hatching. (Creepy isn't it?) All in all it is believed there have been over thirty thousand Captain Mayflies, but it's hard to tell.

There are rumors that the first Captain Mayfly kept a journal that was passed down, with each successive Captain adding a page, but it's believed that idea was ditched quickly in order to add more time to perpetuating the legacy. ;)