bucknaked.gifReal Name: Buckley Forest Nuid
Occupation: Super Hero/Exhibitionist
Base of Operations: Supermegatopia
Marital Status: Single
The most-photographed... or, more accurately, the most-desired-to-be-photographed adventurer, Buck Naked stands out in any crowd, even here in Supermegatopia. He's picked the simplest and most provocative of costumes to fight crime in, including even the Fabulous Fishnet Girl. Yep! The name says it all folks. He's fighting in the buff. As for powers... well... no one is quite sure what to think. Men tend to say he's a "mutant"; women just say he's "gifted." However, unlike fellow provocative peacekeepers Horn Dog and Slut Puppy, he isn't as "intense" in his crime fighting methods. He seems to like the shock value and the nice smiles all the ladies give him.