bigevilrobotpanel.gifReal Name: EBR 327-A
Occupation: Big Evil Robot
Base of Operations: The Metallurgist's Lair
As the name implies so very well, Big Evil Robot was very much not a small lithe ballerina. Instead he was a monolithic engine of destruction designed by the Metallurgist over the course of a weekend (and a bit into the following Monday morning).
His specs are not incredibly outstanding, or at least any more so that any of the Metallurgist's other diabolical creations. But what he does have over all the other is size. And man, does he have a lot of that! Well over a hundred tons of it to be a bit more specific. So much size in fact, that the hanger door leading out of the base had to be carefully removed... namely by a big punch from the EBR. It not as if there weren't a hundred tiny little drones that needed something to clean, fix, and to be crushed by.

Aside from the door, EBR didn't get much time to live up to the evil part of his name. Sure, his walk through the desert trampled a few pretty cacti and some roaming tumbleweeds, but even the Mighty Mighty Hamster has stepped a foot or two into a garden... until his Grandmother straightened him out for doing so, but EBR was without such aged guidance. Instead he faced off against a fully powered Buxom Gal who quickly reduced him to scrap metal with one furious blow. The falling EBR actually crushed a few more plants, but that's beside the point.

Now, the future of the design is unknown. While there's great potential to it and the Metallurgist likes 'em big, he did have a pretty piss-poor first outing. Only time will tell what becomes of EBR 327-A.