avatar.gifReal Name: Patricia Krinkle
Occupation: Super Villain
Base of Operations: Supermegatopia
Marital Status: Single
On an archeological dig, Patricia stumbled upon a lost alien craft buried deep in the earth. In her excitement she abandoned all her gear, including her ever-so-necessary medication. Without it, her extra personalities began to surface at random, each of them believing himself/herself to be a god/goddess. (You should see the Aphrodite costume!) She utilizes the supplies and powers of the Turtle Ship to sink deeper into her delusions and back her claims of God-hood, although she keeps neglecting to let the batteries reach full or even marginal power. For example, she might use particle projection cannons to simulate the majestic force of Thor, the Norse god of thunder. Oh, and perhaps her most noteworthy trait, those breasts of hers really are real, boys!