Occupation: Super Heroes turned Strippersass1.jpg
From Left to Right: Topless Lass, The Tease, Captain Thrust, Lapdancer, Jiggly Jill,
and Long Tom
Base of Operations: Supermegatopia

Disheartened with the glamorous and hardly profitable career that is saving the city they each turned to the adventurous field of shaking their booty for money! No longer faced with life endangering peril each can be seen almost nightly doing what they do best, dancing for money in their G-strings.

Topless Lass
Real Name: Katrina Tipsy
Age: 23
Katrina grew weary of fighting Supermegatopian terrorists with her super dense, but finely sculpted body. In her own words, "Oh sure, I have to give private dances to some really creepy old guys... but it sure as hell beats getting hit with a flamethrower!"

The Tease
Real Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Once the all the powerful Mentalist: Mentalista, the Tease now flexes her psychic control and double joints around a long silver pole. "Come on, you want me, I know you do!"

Captain Thrust
Real Name: Steve Swift
Age: 27
Still going by his same title Captain Thrust is just a little less enigmatic than he was in his superhero days having traded in his full body suit for something a little less constrictive. Fortunately for the viewers, he's also not using his super speed; otherwise, they'd probably not have a clue that he just flashed by them.

Real Name: Hanako Kawaii
Age: 25
A trained ninja assassin turned good she used her unbelievable agility and augmented dexterity to rid the streets of evil, and now she uses it to take five to twenty dollar bills away from people without using her hands, or feet!

Jiggly Jill
Real Name: Jill Panda
Age: 22
Abducted by space aliens and given phenomenal breast implants, and super powers she made a brief career as a super heroine under the name Vibe, but after a really depressing fight where she pummeled Dr. Ghoti she decided to use her vibration based abilities to shake wealthy men into an absolute stupor. "I just felt so bad after I took out that Land-Dweller-Thingy thing of his... I never wanna see another grown man... err... fish cry like that..."

Long Tom
Real Name: John Thomas
Age: 26
Exposed to unknown chemicals in a lab accident John Thomas was given an ability that most drug users would kill for: He never comes down. A sidekick with Buck Naked for a brief time they soon realized that even though they had matching outfits two grown men walking around naked gives the entirely wrong impressions. Quote: "It seemed like a good idea at the time..."