Real Name: Antonio Damingo
Occupation: Man of Action!
Base of Operations: His Mother's Home in the Suburbs
Marital Status: Single

Imagine you're eight years old, you've been on a cross country car ride for five hours with nothing to do, and you've had to pee since before you left. Plus your sister's just started poking you and she's not even the cute-just-hitting-puberty-sister. Oh god no, it's that pent up need to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING that bubbles up from every molecule of Action! The dog just can't sit still. Not for the dentist, not for job interviews, not even for God. But at least having a damn good sex life balances out being tossed out of every church in town.
One summer, Action spent an entire month of non-stop construction on a scale replica of a 17th century whaling vessel out of toothpicks. They don't know where he got the toothpicks... or why he decide to make it on a 1 to 1 scale. But after a strong wind carried it off into the distance it was suggested that he do something a bit more constructive with his life. Living in Supermegatopia, super-heroing seemed to be the right way to go.

It's not known if it's all the soda he drinks, an imbalanced gland of some sort, an advanced case of ADD, or even that irradiated hummingbird that bit him just as he was hit by lightning in that chemical factory, but it is known that the man does live! His only weakness, aside from a fluctuating attention span and his inability to commit to any relationship is that there will be moments when his energy seems to run down and he'll slip into a deep slumber. These can last days, once even a week. But once it's over he's back to being himself. About which his mother had this to say, "It's nice to get the peace and quiet from time to time, but then I have to do the dusting." Meanwhile, his sister was of a different mind-set, " gives me time to try and find where he hid the cameras... perv."